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Our Story

“We met via social media”

In December 2020, while scrolling through his Twitter feed, Tomi stumbled upon Toro's birthday photos. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary encounter would ignite the spark of something beautiful.

After connecting online, we soon found ourselves exchanging phone numbers, and as the days turned into weeks, our fondness for each other grew stronger.

In January 2021, Tomi took the bold step of asking Toro to be his partner, and fate smiled upon us as she decided to move to Lagos later that year.

The months passed, and our love blossomed. In December 2022, Tomi sealed our commitment by asking Toro to spend a lifetime together in marriage, and without hesitation, she said "yes."

And so, here we are, celebrating our journey of love and togetherness, cherishing the moments that led us to this joyous milestone.


We have both shared longer versions of this story on our respective blogs.